15+ Unique Gift Ideas for Travellers

04th November 2023

Looking for the perfect gift for the Travel Junkie in your life? We've curated a collection of unique travel gift ideas available in Australia.

Bellroy Travel Folio

The Bellroy Travel Folio makes a great gift for any overseas traveller

The Bellroy Travel Folio is a gorgeous travel wallet. This travel wallet is designed to hold a passport as well as a number of cards. This will help protect your passport from getting damaged. This travel wallet comes with a nifty micro pen, which will be useful for filling out custom forms.

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Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travel List

Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List Book

Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travel List features 500 of the best places on the planet decided by the company's global team of writers and experts.

This book is full of travel inspiration and makes a great coffee table book.

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Plastic Travel Belt

The Plastic Travel Belt is a great travel gift idea for frequent flyers

This Travel Belt features no metal which makes it perfect for going through airport security. This will be a real-time saver for frequent travellers.

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July Tech Kit

July Tech Kit

July is an Australian Luggage Company that makes a range of well-designed travel gear. The July Tech Kit will keep all of your cables, chargers, battery packs and plugs neatly organised. The translucent polycarbonate shell makes it easy to see what's inside and it's also crushproof.

July's travel bags and accessories can be personalised, making them a perfect travel gift idea.

Aēsop Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Aesop Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Aēsop's Rinse Free Handwash is a giftable hand sanitiser that features the brand's iconic Resurrection scent with notes of Mandarin Rind, Rosemary Leaf and Cedar. It comes in a 50ml bottle, which is perfect for travellers.

Packing Cubes

Amazon Basics Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are used to organise your belongings inside your luggage. They'll keep everything nice and neat and also compress items so you can fit more in.

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Airfly Pro

The airfly pro is a travel gift idea for people who own wireless bluetooth headphones

These days more people use Bluetooth headphones compared to wired headphones. The Airfly Pro from Twelve South lets you use your Bluetooth headphones on a plane. We recommend also getting a plane audio adapter as many planes use dual sockets. With the Airfly Pro you'll be able to use headphones like the AirPods Pro which feature vastly better noise cancellation than most airline headsets.

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Trtl Travel Pillow

The Trtl neck pillow is a unique gift idea for people with upcoming long-haul flights

The Trtl Travel Pillows features an innovative wrap-around design which makes it a great alternative to the traditional travel pillow. I find it's more comfortable than regular neck pillows and easier to sleep with. This will be appreciated by anyone with an upcoming long-haul flight.

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Apple AirTags

Apple Airtags

Apple AirTags are the ultimate tracking tag for your valuables. Unlike the Tile, AirTags can help you find your lost item, even when it's out of range of your iPhone as they can securely connect to any iPhone. I use an AirTag in my wallet and backpack when travelling and it gives me peace of mind knowing I can track them down if I leave them behind. It's also become more common for people to pop an AirTag in their checked-in luggage so they can track it if it gets lost during travel.

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Mavogel Sleep Mask

Mavogel Sleep Mask

The Mavogel Sleep Mask is a cult favourite of frequent travellers. The gel sleep mask is comfortable yet still blocks out pretty much all light. A great gift for anyone with an upcoming long haul flight.

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The Amazon Kindle is a great gift idea for avid readers

The Kindle is a super lightweight e-reader and is perfect for travel. The Kindle works offline and in all light levels. It can store thousands of books and will save you from having to lug around books in your carry-on luggage.

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July Carry On

July Carry On Bag

The July Carry-On is one of the best pieces of luggage you can buy. It features a super tough polycarbonate shell that will last forever. The wheels are extremely quiet and will literally glide through the airport and the handle can be raised and lowered to any position making it a joy to hold. The carry-on has a built-in (and removable) USB power hub, laundry bag and a compression system.

I've used July bags on my world travels and they've been the best bag I've had. You can also personalise these bags to make them a truly unique and special gift.

Billabong 'The Crusher' Straw Hat

Billabong Crusher Hat is a great gift idea for someone planning a backpacking trip

I've been asked by strangers multiple times on my travels where I've got my hat. It's The Crusher Hat by Billabong. This hat can be thrown into your luggage (and literally crushed). It's made from paper straw and looks great. The vegan leather band has saved my hat from blowing away numerous times. While this is sold as a men's hat, it will look good on anyone.

Kathmandu Heli Lightweight Down Jacket

The Kathmandu Heli Jacket is a lightweight down jacket that has minimum weight but maximum warmth. You'll hardly notice you've packed this jacket but it will come in handy when the weather gets nippy. It packs down into its own pocket which makes it super convenient for travel. It's available in fits for both men and women.

Louenhide Maggie Cosmetic Case

Maggie Cosmetic Case

The Maggie Cosmetic Case from Louenhide features three zipped compartments to store your skincare, makeup and toiletries all in one bag. It comes with a hanging hook and is made from Vegan Leather.

JOBY Telepod

The JOBY Telepod is a tripod for your smartphone that doubles as a selfie stick and comes with a Bluetooth remote control. This is the perfect travel gift idea for anyone looking to elevate their travel photos.

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